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An Investigation toward Advantages, Design Principles and Steps of Infographics in Education

Nowadays, quick development in technology have a remarkable efficiency in learners’ educational life. The modern technologies that utulized in instruction are developing in order to deliver valuable information rapidly, regardless of time and place, modern media illustration format transpired. Infographic is the example of this format. Infographics can be defined as providing information in a certain stream with the aid of a story and various visuals such as writing, painting, drawing, graphics, sound and video rather than trying to explain an event, information, data or content contextually. Hence, education through infographics not only assists learners to explain information visually but also provide learners with an extensive and broader form of learning and comprehension in instruction. Furthermore, todays instructors need to provide and design a learning environment that enhances the students’ experience, as well as their capability of choosing, developing and integrating visual materials in their instructions. Therefore, virtual literacy and infographics skills play a very significant role in the digital-age instructors’ toolbox. The aim of this study is to explain advantages, design principles and steps of design infographics according to new trends in education. The paper would be useful for anyone interested in designing, preparing and implementing infographics in education.
Keywords: Infographics, Advantages of infographics, Design principles

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